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Tuscany Ride a Bike provides you with the best bike rental service in Florence. Whether you are a lone traveler, or a loving couple, a family with children, or a larger group of tourists, we have the solution for you.
Thanks to the great selection of bikes, we can guarantee the best tours to discover the beautiful city of Florence, possibly taking you on a guided tour.

Let us bring you the pleasure of slowly savoring the nature and the landscape surrounding the city of Florence, far away from the stress and the traffic jam of every day.
At Tuscany Ride a Bike, we have developed the best itineraries to explore the beauty that the Florentine countryside can offer. bike in city
Moreover, we are specialized on bike tours within the historic center of the city, thus combining the comfort of a bike ride with the most famous tourist attractions and the magnificent buildings of Florence.

In order to really enjoy your holiday in Florence, hiring a bicycle is mandatory. Discover our cycling itineraries that can guide you to explore all secrets of the city, with bike tours that can satisfy the most demanding visitors. At Tuscany Ride a Bike, we can provide you with a huge quantity of thematic bike tours, such as artistic bike tours, religious bike tours, nature bike tours, food and wine bike tours, archaeological bike tours, and so on.
Our continued investment in research for new solutions in the world of bicycles, the scrupulous selection to which we subject our suppliers, the use of the latest technologies for cycling tours and sports, allow us at Tuscany Ride a Bike to be a true leader in the business of bike rentals in Florence. bike in country

Visit now our website "Tuscany Ride a Bike" to book your next holiday, or simply to learn more about our amazing bike rental services.
Together with the bike, we can provide you with a GPS and an information pack, leaving the navigation up to you. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you a special guide from our staff, who will show you the best scenery and emotions Florence has to offer, Tuscany Ride a Bike: we will get the most out of your holiday!